How Take the Interview (TTI) reaches prospects faster with Elucify



Take the Interview (TTI) is a cloud-based interview management platform that helps organizations hire better people faster. As a startup, they are trying to move as fast as possible.

Jon Stanney, a lead Business Development Representative at TTI, was having a ton of problems quickly gathering prospect data in order to inform prospects about their game-changing recruiting technology.

Jon Stanney, Business Development Representative, TakeTheInterview

“The process of gathering prospect/lead information is incredibly slow with current tools. You’ve got to go one by one to each prospect to gather their email, which is incredibly painful and time consuming. What I really wanted to spend time on was crafting a solid message to these prospects and delivering value, not just search for contact information all day.”

Then, Jon came across the private beta of Elucify.


With Elucify, Jon was able to collect hundreds of lead contact information within minutes as opposed to hours every week.

Elucify’s UI allows for a quick selection of leads with certain specific titles

Elucify provided a quick and easy way to quickly get contact information of key HR decision-makers without having to scour Linkedin and guess emails for prospects. This resulted in precious hours saved every week to be better focused on high-value email copy and talking with potential customers.

Results of Elucify

On average, the TTI team has been generating over 300 leads per week per rep using Elucify, with a total of just 10 minutes spent to gather these leads. We ballpark estimated that each rep previously took 1 hour of high focused energy to collect the information of 30 people individually. Thus, Elucify has been saving each rep at TTI at least 10 hours each week. In sales, every minute counts, so these are valuable hours gained back in the day to sell more.

“Elucify has been great for our team, even as the the product is still in the private beta stage and they are working on adding more lead data,” says Jon. “We use it to quickly gather leads every Monday morning to get our week started off on the right foot. The fact that it is available for free due to the crowdsourcing model is a huge cherry on top as well!”

Having a free tool to quickly gather leads as an SDR definitely goes a long way when you are within a startup, and we’re seeing lots of SDR’s in small startups adopt Elucify as a part of their weekly workflow.

Interested in trying it out? The private beta is open to limited users right now; click over to to sign-up!

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