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About Elucify

Elucify is a free lead generation tool for startups and professionals. Located in San Francisco, Elucify was  founded in 2015 by Gerald Fong (CEO), Naveen Krishnamurthi, and Mihir Deo. 

The Elucify Blog 


I’m beyond excited to officially launch The Elucify Blog.

In addition to company updates, we’ll be regularly updating this blog with content that’s interesting and thought provoking to those here in the Silicon Valley and abroad.

I’m going to try and keep this blog as original as possible, writing about subjects and real challenges that companies and employees face everyday. Rehashing content that someone else has written for views just isn’t my thing.

Elucify Lead Generator 

I’m also excited to announce that our lead generation product is now in private beta.

Our lead generation software is a power tool that allows you to generate hundreds of targeted leads every single week. You can target through an easy to use interface that allows you to filter by location, size, funding, web technologies, departments, and titles.

Companies such as Neptune.io, Paperspace, and Meetingbird are having their reps generate hundreds of leads from our platform to help their sales efforts every single week.

Oh, and did I mention that the tool is 100% free? No, actually.

Interested? Try it out here. 

Feel free to subscribe to this blog for updates!

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